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Letter from the Editors, Vol. 08

Vol. 08   | 29 October 2021



Exactly one year ago today, with trembling fingers — we were fairly convinced that either no one would notice or everyone would and honestly weren’t sure which was more terrifying — we sent TRINK Vol. 01 out into the world.


It was the culmination of months of planning, cajoling, researching, writing; of (often overlapping!) very late nights and wincingly early mornings, in some ways going far beyond our comfort zones while in others staying squarely within them. It was always with one overarching goal: to bring people around the world closer to German-speaking wines. Deepening an understanding of the traditions, innovations, and interconnections that shape the dynamic wine cultures of Austria, Germany, South Tyrol, and Switzerland. 


Nearly 100 stories later, it’s both striking and reassuring to see how often there is a pair — sibling, partner, parent, friend — in the picture.


As we look ahead to our own second year, we have twos very much in mind. This volume twines around them. There’s Emily Campeau’s ingenious combination of Wurstsalat and Swabian wine. Simon Woolf’s investigation of water and wine in Austrian culture. Kathleen Willcox’s look at cooperation between German and Israeli wineries. Camilla Gjerde’s profile of two siblings rewriting the story of their family’s estate in Burgenland. Valerie’s report on how growers and immigrants are bridging two needs in South Tyrol.


Our story is really not that different. Two lives, two time zones, one zine. It hasn’t always been easy or smooth sailing but each of us holds firm to the belief that the journey has been better, brighter and richer for having the other one in it. 


And yet perhaps the strongest TRINK duo of all has been between our writers and you, our readers. Our Patreon supporters and partners ensure we are able to carry out our mission with editorial independence and integrity. But without our indispensable design and web team at Medienagenten, TRINK would have had a fraction of its impact. With their support, we’re constantly adding new features to the site — some bright and shiny, and others, under the hood to keep the engine purring. 


We started this venture wanting to change the conversation around German-speaking wines: to animate and humanize, deepen and contextualize. But in order to change the conversation, we’ve got to have the conversation. So talk to us.  


Which stories do you want to read? Which writers do you love and want to hear more from? Which rocks are we not turning over? Whether it’s a DM, email, or note under the door, please, let us know. We’re listening.


And speaking of listening, Robert Dentice, the subject of TRINK’s very first article and a supporter of the magazine from day one, has curated an anniversary playlist in celebration.


Cue it up, sit back, and enjoy. Oh yes, and happy anniversary!


Paula Redes Sidore, Bad Honnef

Valerie Kathawala, New York City