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Letter from the Editors, Vol. 09

Vol. 09   | 17 December 2021



We present TRINK Vol. 09, our last issue of MMXXI.


It feels fitting to draw this strange year to a close with a collection of pieces that confront boundaries, shift perspectives, and blow open stereotypes. 


Chris Losh’s witty essay forces him, and us, to challenge our notions of what it is we want from a wine deliberately selected for sharing. Emily Campeau restores the humble Tafelspitz to a place of pride and celebration. Sebastian Bordthäuser examines rarefied pairings of Austrian swine and wine. Valerie reports from inside a creative cosmos of weed, beats, and Riesling. Paula steers a course for German wines through a transforming Finnish market, with Mosel as the North star. Nils Kevin Puls finds affecting drama in the work of a few growers dedicated to keeping traditional field blends alive in uncommon places.


In short: plenty to indulge in. Luckily, for many of us, the holidays are here. May they bring health, restoration, and time for celebrating the most essential pleasures — words and wine chief among them!


On that note, we are delighted to end the year with a new service for our U.S. readers. We have partnered with Flatiron Wines, a premier retailer of German-speaking wines, to offer links that make it quick and easy for you to purchase many of the selections highlighted in our pages. Think of it as an extension of service journalism, a step saved between wondering and savoring.  No fear, though, now — as ever — the integrity of the story and our total editorial independence come first. 


As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions at  


Happy Reading and Happy New Year!


Paula Redes Sidore, Bad Honnef

Valerie Kathawala, New York City