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Letter from the Editors, Vol. 10

Vol. 10   | 18 February 2022



What is “German style”? In Volume 10, we explore this question from a range of perspectives.


We call upon two titans of German wine expertise — David Schildknecht and Terry Theise — to investigate facets of German wine style that might at first seem fixed, but which these veterans posit are in a constant state of shifting identity. 


We also examine what it means when German heritage becomes the “why” of a budding wine career and what new audiences for German wine might look like. 


Meanwhile, sparkling wine expert Nicole Wolbers pulls back the curtain on another German style we rarely consider, but which, she argues, represents the pinnacle of German bubbles. And we journey north to Norway to better understand what really fuels the northern lights and wine preferences of Scandinavia.


Senior Contributor Christoph Raffelt heads to the Kremstal in Austria to report on the wines of engineer-cum-biodynamic grower Markus Lang that redraw our notions of what Riesling and Grüner Veltliner can be. 


True to our mission, this volume is about pushing boundaries. We offer a perfect example of this, with a clever riff on Japanese “schnitzel” and Weissburgunder of South Tyrol. We also take you high into the Swiss Alps to learn how rescue animals are helping with harvest in the vineyards there. 


And in our expanding educational section, you’ll get an in-depth look at the Nahe, one of Germany’s most thrilling and least-known wine regions. We’re pleased and proud to have this section supported by P.J. Valckenberg, committed to amplifying German wines since 1786.


Special thanks to Mason Washington for permission to feature his tattoo as our cover image.


And, as we put this tenth volume of TRINK out into the world, thanks to all of you for reading and engaging, helping to spread the word, supporting our work on Patreon, and most importantly, for loving German-speaking wines as much as we do!


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Paula Redes Sidore, Bad Honnef

Valerie Kathawala, New York City