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Letter from the Editors, Vol. 14

Volume 14  | November 2022


Dear Readers,


The sharpest among you may have noticed something missing. What happened to TRINK Vol. 13?


Just as airlines tend to skip the thirteenth seat row and Manhattan high-rises omit
the floors between 12 and 14, we decided against tempting fate. It’s more than mere triskaidekaphobia. 


Have you seen what’s happening in wine media lately? The shakeup — restructurings, dismissals, and closures — is seismic. It’s left us feeling both shaky and proud. On the one hand, if these tremors can topple powerfully funded publications, what are our odds? On the other, by keeping our noses to the grindstone, our budgets trim, and our mission unwavering, we have, with your invaluable help, dodged the doom. Most importantly, we have stayed true to our vision: changing the narrative around German-speaking wines by taking the road less traveled.


Vol. 14 is a case in point. We illuminate unexpected corners, identify emerging producers, styles, regions, and trends, add context, and deepen your connection with what’s happening right now — on the ground in the umlaut zone and beyond. If that’s something that speaks to you, consider supporting us through Patreon to keep us out
of the dreaded 13 zone.


Happy reading!


Paula Redes Sidore, Bad Honnef

Valerie Kathawala, New York City