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Rotling Outlaws

Photo Credit Nils Kevin Puls

Rotling Outlaws

By Nils Kevin Puls

The sun blazes. The air shimmers. On the horizon four figures throw long shadows across the dry, crumbling ground. They are headed toward a city. Doors swing open. The four step from light into dark, their throats dusty and dry. Behind a deserted bar stands a man. He pushes four full glasses over to them. Out of the glasses sloshes a wine as red as the setting sun. If you aren’t thirsty by now, you should at least be hearing the melody of a harmonica.


This is how the opening scene of a revival—the Rotling revival—could begin. The four men are Stefan Vetter, Agustin Novoa, Matthias Warnung, and Martin Lichtenberger. The man behind the bar, Holger Schwarz. They are all connected by a wine style, pressed from red and white grapes and long scorned by the wine crowd.


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