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Sekt: Made in Austria

photo credit Bernhard Schramm


Sekt: Made in Austria

by Gerhild Burkard


Not all Sekts are created equal. In the more than 180 years since the birth of Austrian Sekt, the universe of sparkling wine has changed significantly, with Austria sporting an especially impressive dynamic. Today, sekt makes up more than 10% of Austria’s total wine production. And recent industry reports show strong growth with double-digit increases in volumes and value for Brut, extra dry, and rosé styles. 


In response, new sparkling wine regulations focused on clarifying both quality and origin have come into effect in recent years. The purported goal of these regulations is to help consumers in their buying decisions and raise the international image of Austrian Sekt. 


Yet, despite the regulations, new production methods and numerous bottle descriptors have turned the Austrian market into a confusing maze of labels.


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