Lieben Dank!


German street sign saying "thank you"with children stick figures holding hands
© Portugese Gravity | Unsplash


Lieben Dank

TRINK is not a solo, it’s not a duet, it’s an entire damn orchestra of talents who came together to bring this magazine to life.  

 —  Paula & Valerie


Sebastian Bordthäuser | Köln, Germany

Emily Campeau | Somewhere in Europe

Andreas Durst | Bockenheim an der Weinstraße, Germany

Robert Dentice | New York, US

Daniela Dejnega | Vienna, Austria

Carrie Dykes | New York, US

Jérôme Hainz | Mainz, Germany

Anne Krebiehl MW | London, UK

Medienagenten | Bad Dürkeheim, Germany 

Christoph Raffelt | Hamburg, Germany

Michael Pabich | Virginia, US

Bart de Vries | London, UK

Kathleen Willcox | New York, US


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