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TRINK Magazine is an independent quarterly digital publication exploring the “German-speaking wines” of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. 

Founders Paula Redes Sidore, based in Germany, and Valerie Kathawala, in New York, were brought together by their shared love for these wines and the conviction that a deep understanding of the cultural contexts in which they are embedded is essential to appreciating them fully. 

TRINK launched in 2020. From the outset, our mission has been to deepen the understanding of how wine intersects with and impacts the narrative, culture, history, and geography of the European spaces where German is common cultural currency. Because language shapes not just culture but thought itself, we seek to bring forward insights and voices from behind the language barrier, spotlighting rising talents and established authorities alike.

By linking voice to story, our aim is to create an experience as thrilling for the reader as it is for the writer. We take pride in digging deeper to uncover insider intel on new producers and fresh perspectives on icons, through classic reporting and interviews, thought pieces and long-form essays as well as cultural criticism, reviews, short fiction and poetry.

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Submissions Guidelines for TRINK

When pitching an article, include a summary of your idea and why it would be a good fit for TRINK. Be concise, specific, and clear. Include a headline that suggests what the story is about, your proposed sources, and your approach. Please be sure your pitch answers the fundamental questions:

  1. Why this story?
  2. Why now?
  3. Why am I the best person to tell it?

Pitches should be emailed to to [email protected] with the word “pitch” in the subject line. TRINK can only accept original writing that has not been previously published, whether in print or online. Please be sure to include a short bio and relevant published work.