TRINK is the only English-language digital publication dedicated to the “German-speaking wines” of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. Released in quarterly issues, TRINK features on-the-ground reporting from world-class authors and journalists, narrative essays, interviews, bottle picks and food pairings to help connect the dots and get to the heart of these “umlaut wines.” 

Volume 19, The Mosel

We’ve been dreaming up this volume for ages. The Mosel — river, valley, people, wines. All are objects of enduring fascination. A sense of the ancient remains tangible. Celts and Romans made this place home, long before the Germani. Yet, the origins of German wine are no less palpable in  the heroism, imagination, scrappiness, and courage of growers we celebrate today. 

Volume 18, Shake It Up

January 2024

We hope this volume will challenge you to think harder about what you’re putting in your glass — and why. As you weigh your own decisions around wine consumption, evaluate for yourself wine in its larger context. Wine labels show finite volume, while the understanding we ourselves bring is infinite.

Volume 17, On the Verge

October 2023

We founded TRINK Magazine exactly three years ago this month with a clear vision: embracing the complexity — and even contradiction — needed to give context to the wines of German-speaking Europe.

Volume 16, Unconventional Conversations

May 2023

Summer is about going places. Whether your travels involve a suitcase, a backpack, or a glass of wine and a journey in your own mind, TRINK Vol. 16 has you covered with eight stories of far-flung people and places.

Volume 15, Fresh Perspectives

February 2023

German-speaking wines are at an inflection point. The “trend” toward all forms of what we might call reasoned viticulture — integrated pest management, organic, biodynamic, and regenerative practices — is moving closer to a norm.

Volume 14, The Road Less Traveled

November 2022

Have you seen what’s happening in wine media lately? The shakeup — restructurings, dismissals, and closures — is seismic. It’s left us feeling both shaky and proud.

Volume 12, Coloring Outside the Lines

July 2022

Welcome to the first summer edition of TRINK! Our stunning cover photo by multitalented contributor Nils Kevin Puls sets the tone: coloring outside the lines. When we consider the revolution playing out in wine across Alto Adige, Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, it’s clear that free thinkers and risk takers are at the fore, even as they ground their innovations in cultures of the past.

Volume 11, Back in Time

May 2022

Without quite intending it, we find ourselves with a particularly food-focused collection in this volume. And we’re delighted. Because if there is one thing that’s too long been missing from the conversation about German-speaking wines, it’s the foods that go with them.

Volume 10, "German Style"

February 2022

What is “German style”? In Volume 10, we explore this question from a range of perspectives.

Volume 09, MMXXI

December 2021

It feels fitting to draw this strange year to a close with a collection of pieces that confront boundaries, shift perspectives, and blow open stereotypes.

Volume 08, The Anniversary Edition

October 2021

The Anniversary Edition. Exactly one year ago today, with trembling fingers — we were fairly convinced that either no one would notice or everyone would and honestly weren’t sure which was more terrifying — we sent TRINK Vol. 01 out into the world.

Volume 07, The Literary Edition

September 2021

Readability is to writing as drinkability is to wine. Conflict is tension; voice is momentum. And, of course, plot (as in vineyard) builds character. Whether it’s the linear precision of poetry, the tightly structured development of a short story, or the juicy flow of a novel, the careful selection of words and ideas is the foundation of good writing.

Volume 06, Forest for the Trees

June 2021

Over the past year, we’ve grown accustomed to keeping our heads down, focused on placing one foot in front of the other. Now we can look up and shift our focus, from tree back to forest.

Volume 05, Then & Now

May 2021

In Vol. 05 you’ll find music scholar Ronald Merlino reassessing Beethoven’s life and works in the context of Viennese wine culture.

Volume 04, Roots & Reach

April 2021

With spring emerging, the vines returning with the first bleed of new life and roots digging deep beneath the surface, we are once again reminded that what we see with the naked eye is an infinitely smaller portion of that which binds us to a place and to each other.

Volume 03, Embracing Complexity

February 2021

What’s in a name? As we put together this issue focused on the fascinating northern Italian border region of Südtirol-Alto Adige, we confronted a distinctive dual identity represented in two languages for every village, vineyard, and variety.

Volume 02, Life in the Bubble

December 2020

As we pulled together Issue 2, the usual holiday theme of bubbles surfaced. At first, we brushed it away. Too obvious, too discordant with our strange, dark times. But then we reconsidered. Bubble as metaphor. Bubbles, as Anne Krebiehl MW writes in our pages, as magnifiers. Bubbles as a state of being.

Volume 01, Identity & Intersection

October 2020

TRINK Magazine's debut issue offers a new way to look at German-speaking wines, in English.