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TRINK is the only English-language digital publication dedicated to the "German-speaking wines" of Austria, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. On-the-ground reporting from world-class authors and journalists, narrative essays, interviews, bottle picks and food pairings help connect the dots and get to the heart of these "umlaut wines." 

February 2023


Fresh Perspectives 

November 2022


The Road Less Traveled 

July 2022


Coloring outside
the lines 

May 2022


Back in Time

February 2022

"German Style"

December 2021




October 2021


The Anniversary

September  2021


The Literary Edition

June 2021


Forest for the Trees

May 2021

Then & Now

April 2021

Roots & Reach

Feb 2021

Embracing Complexity

Dec 2020

Life in the Bubble

Oct 2020

Identity & Intersection