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Rooted and Regenerative

purple wildflowers in a green meadow in Alto Adige
Photo Credit Nicola Caveden

Rooted and Regenerative

by Sara Emilia Nässén


It starts with the soil.


“I am passionate about the microbial world under our feet, and the key role it plays in the vine’s adaptation to climate change,” says agronomist Martina Broggio, a sustainable viticulture consultant in northern Italy, Tuscany, Marche, and Puglia. Since 2018, Broggio has been helping wineries in Alto Adige move in a regenerative direction.


Regenerative Viticulture (RV) requires a significant paradigm shift within vineyard management, where soil is understood as a living environment rather than as a container for growing grapes. It envisions an ecosystem in which all parts of the vineyard, including roots and bacteria, play an important part. By improving the soil’s health through interventions such as cultivation of cover crops, mulching, composting, and integrating animal life in the vineyard, growers hope to enhance carbon sequestration and mitigate some of the effects of climate change.


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