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Three Unmissable Sparkling Wines

Photo Credit Emons Verlag


Three Unmissable Sparkling Wines

By Daniela Dejnega


The world of sparkling wine is changing for the better. The number of producers approaching this beverage in serious, artisanal, and creative ways continues to climb. “Grower Sekt” from Austria and Germany is very much en vogue. We are witnessing a tremendous push to quality. For a long time, “mass over class” was the motto, especially in Germany. But for a new generation, awareness of terroir and a trend toward reducing residual sugar are increasingly the focus. No stone has been left unturned in Austria, either.


The book 111 Schaumweine aus aller Welt, die man getrunken haben muss (2022) is currently available only in German and excerpted in English exclusively in TRINK, with permission of the author and the publisher, Emons Verlag


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