Valerie Kathawala

Valerie Kathawala

Valerie Kathawala is a writer and editor specializing in the wines of Germany, Austria, northern Italy, and German Switzerland. Her particular interest is in biodynamics and regenerative viticulture. Valerie is a regular contributor to the independent print journal Pipette and her work has been published in Meininger’s Wine Business International, Pellicle, WineFolly, The Vintner Project, Planet of the Grapes, and Grape Collective. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to devote herself to "German-speaking wines" along with her co-editor Paula Sidore and a stellar crew of journalists. Valerie lives with her family in New York City and the Hudson Valley. @valkatnyc

Paula Redes Sidore

Paula Redes Sidore is a writer, translator and certified sommelier. With an unusual blend of education and experience, and a flair for linguistic acrobatics she moves smoothly between the worlds of wine and words. In 2012, she founded Weinstory, a creative content and translation agency dedicated to transposing the world of German-speaking wine into English. Trink is the natural extension of that pursuit of all wines umlaut and otherwise. Her work has been published in JancisRobinson.com, Feinschmecker, Vinepair, Heated and Planet of the Grapes. And she lives on the northern wall of winegrowing with her family in Bonn, Germany. @weinstory


Katharina Matheis

Katharina Matheis is German wine journalist. She was born and raised amid the vineyards of Rheinhessen and worked fo several years as a reporter for WirtschaftsWoche before training as a certified sommelier. Since then she has focused on topics in wine. Her articles have appeared in Handelsblatt, WirtschaftsWoche, Gault&Millau, Spiegel, Feinschmecker, and more. Her favorite subject to cover is organic viticulture. Together with Sven Prange she recently founded the guide sustainable enjoyment neigschmeckt-magazin.de. She lives in Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg. @schoebbeche

Christoph Raffelt

Christoph Raffelt is one of an exciting new vanguard of voices when it comes to German wine. And voices is not a euphemism here, as it is indeed his voice together with his stellar cast of winemakers and guests that come together on his monthly podcast Originalverkorkt.de; while his words appear in his online magazine of the same name. He's been on the road since 2016 with Büro für Wein & Kommunikation as a freelance journalist, copywriter and all-round wordsmith. His work has appeared in such esteemed publications as Meiningers, Weinwirtschaft, Weinwelt, Sommelier, Champagne-Magazin and Schluck. @originalverkorkt

Sebastian Bordthäuser

Sebastian Bordthäuser’s original dream was to be a rockstar. But between solos and concerts, he developed a hunger and thirst for good food and wine — and the people and stories behind them. And so trading his guitar for books, he began studying German and English literature. He spent more than a decade working in the gastronomy before setting out as a freelance sommelier, author, and journalist. His work appears regularly in many of Germany's top publications, including Effilee, Welt am Sonntag, Der Feinschmecker, and Meiningers Sommelier-Magazin. Wine, food, cooking and travel remain the heart of his matter. @supersebs

Kathleen Willcox

Kathleen Willcox has been writing about the business and culture of wine and food for more years than she’d care to reveal. Her work appears regularly in Wine Enthusiast, Wine Searcher, SevenFifty Daily, The Vintner Project, and many other publications. She co-authored the book "Hudson Valley Wine: A History of Taste & Terroir" (2017). @kathleenwillcox

Jérôme Hainz

Jérôme Hainz is founder of BottleStops, a specialist tour operator offering authentic and lighthearted experiences of Germany's wines and wine culture. Throughout his travels, Jérôme is always on the hunt for delicious and distinctive food and wine pairings. Despite not being particularly spiritual, Jérôme firmly believes that he will be reborn as a white truffle. @bottlestops

Daniela Dejnega

Daniela Dejnega studied landscape design and discovered her love of wine while writing her thesis on "Erosion prevention in viticulture." Afterwards, she trained at the Weinakademie in Rust, Austria. She now lives in Vienna where she works as an editor at a viticultural trade magazine and writes regularly for Austrian wine publications, and is a frequent judge and taster at wine competitions. @daniela.dejnega

Emily Campeau

Emily Campeau

Emily Campeau is the Wine Director of Restaurant Candide in Montreal, Canada but works remotely from her home in Europe (yes, that’s feasible), where she is also one half of the micro-estate Wein Goutte. Her work has been published in various magazines and web platforms in English and French. In 2018 she was the winner of the Jancis Robinson "Seminal Wine" writing competition. @emycampo_