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Austria’s Traisental

Small scale is a Traisental trademark, Photo Credit Austrian Wine / Klaus Egle

Austria’s Traisental 


By Nils Kevin Puls


Wine regions are threaded along the Danube, one after another, like a string of Chanel pearls. Wagram, Kamptal, Kremstal, Wachau. And Traisental — the only one that lies exclusively south of the Danube. Its namesake river, the Traisen, divides the valley as the Seine does Paris or the Gironde does Bordeaux, into left and right banks. The tiny region flaunts French finesse and cool avant-garde. But also a rustic, down-to-earth charm. In Paris, the Left Bank is the quartier of intellectuals and artists. Through Yves Saint Laurent it achieved world fame in fashion. Who or what sets the tone and taste in Traisental? 

Geology is critical to understanding the Traisental. To get to the bottom of it all, and to shine light on the sites, it’s best to speak with a seasoned expert. Since 1995, geologist Dr. Maria Heinrich has been making outstanding contributions...



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