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Inside the Creative Cosmos of Skinny Pablo

Skinny Pablo, photo credit Bob Flowers


Inside the Creative Cosmos of Skinny Pablo

By Valerie Kathawala


On an early autumn night, in a quietly insiderish neighborhood of Queens, New York, deep beats and warping, hypnotic sound penetrate the stillness. Trapezoids of light slant onto the dark sidewalk through the broad windows of a corner restaurant, the music’s source. Silhouetted figures mingle and shift in projection.  


Robert Dentice, noted collector of Riesling and vinyl, stands near the door, a bottle of Keller Abts E — one of Germany’s, if not the world’s, most coveted wines — in hand, greeting new arrivals with hugs and heavy pours. Inside, there’s an invitingly louche aura of fin-de-siècle Vienna or Berlin. A slew of wine is open, almost all of it German. Auction bottles, new releases, and personal cellar treasures mix with a magpie crowd.



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