Mythos Mosel: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

A bicycle with a cart attached to the front is parked at the top of a steep, verant vineyard.
Mythos Mosel invites a closer connection with vineyards and growers, photo credit Paula Redes Sidore

Matthias Meier is the dynamo behind Weingut Matthias Meier and a co-founder of Mythos Mosel. TRINK asked him to fill us in on what this unique annual festival – celebrating its tenth anniversary this year — is about. The interview was edited for concision and clarity.

How did it start?

The initial spark was an article in a leading German newspaper back in August 2013 that characterized the Mosel as a region that lagged behind the state of art, specifically in wine and food.

The outcry from the Mosel winemakers was enormous. At a first “working meeting” at Weingut Markus Molitor in September of that year, with approximately 100 winemakers, each bringing a magnum bottle plus some of the best chefs of the region to create dishes to pair with the wines.

The result of the get together was a lot of ideas, including organizing presentations in New York and a winemaker tour through Germany’s biggest cities. The Moseljünger, the Mosel`s young winemakers’ association, wanted to pursue the long-term idea of establishing something that attracts people to the Mosel – physically and emotionally. Our idea was to organize an event so compelling that every wine freak would get “FOMO” if they’re not there.

Winemaker Matthias Meier stands in his Mosel cellar doorway
Matthias Meier. Photo credit: Weingut Meier

What have you learned from a decade of leading Mythos Mosel?

We are growing more professional with each year. Starting from the ticketing system and ending with our more defined social media presentation. We try to improve each step of the event, each year. There are two meetings, one right after Mythos, the other one with a month apart from it. Where we discuss with all participating winemakers: How to make Mythos better next year? Quite difficult with 120 wineries, but it’s the task of the organization crew to filter out the best ideas.

The main lesson we learned is that Mythos Mosel is a consumer event for real Mosel fans. You cannot push it through glossy adverts, big campaigns, etc. It works more by being authentic, telling your customers to come by and taste. The best customer growth rate factor is word-of-mouth recommendations from happy visitors.

How does a 120-grower simultaneous vintage presentation work?

It takes strong nerves! And one strict rule: All wineries are equal. One other decisive fact: We just talk to the 30 host wineries. They organize their “stations” as they like. Usually, you do not invite wineries whose wines or winemakers you do not like! New winemaker friendships have developed over the last 10 years. And to be honest we have tried to actively push those friendships with our secret Sunday evening “winemakers bbq”: Just a quick meet-up right after the event, with everyone bringing open bottles, enjoying easy-going food. The rest is good talks and vibes.

How was vintage 2023 for the Mosel?

It was a pretty relaxed growing season: warm but not too dry. Harvest came earlier than expected due to humidity. We had to pick fast to bring in healthy, ripe fruit. Intense selection meant quantities were slightly below average. My standard answer right after the 2023 harvest was: “Never had less fun during a harvest (from a work perspective) but the result is promising.”

How will it turn out wine-wise? It could be a good mix of the 2021 and 2022 vintages. Because the new vintage is still developing in the cellar, at this point it’s all only a guess. But we have high hopes. 

Which trends should visitors watch for?

This year we are highlighting three topics: Young talents, exploring new wineries most people have not yet heard of. Organic and natural wines, with the largest number of certified wineries this year. And Kabinett, a Mosel classic that definitely should get more appreciation.

Mythos Mosel flag hanging off a tractor in Germany's Mosel valley.
Flying the flag for Mythos Mosel | photo credit: Paula Redes Sidore

Will recent flooding affect the upcoming events?

Mythos Mosel will go on as usual! We expect good weather for the weekend.

The Mosel is long and winding! How do visitors get around?

Get your steps in. That should be the motto for all visitors. We offer bus shuttles, but you could also get your bike (just make sure you keep a good balance between tasting and drinking). Some like to hike and walk in between stations, others even use boats for longer distances and enjoy the spectacular view along the river.

What are 3 Mosel “musts” to share with our readers? 

Must do: Work a day in the steep slopes

Must see: Each single site on the Mosel

Must taste: Each single site on the Mosel

What do you hope visitors will take away with them?

First, respect for all the passionate Mosel winemakers. Second, a taste for Riesling and a better understanding of it. Most of us are really distanced from the way our food is produced – by drinking and tasting close to vineyards, often on the premises where wines are actually produced and meeting the people behind it, we hope a Mythos Mosel visitor will appreciate the next bottle of wine even more with profound knowledge of what the work behind it looks like.

Where can readers learn more and purchase tickets?

They can visit here for tickets and here for all other information.

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